The UK Business Visa (Tier 1) Category falls under the UK Points Based System and is divided into a number of sub-categories that assess non-European migrants looking to come and work, set up a business or invest in the UK.

One of the distinct advantages of the Business Visa is that it not restricted by the need to have an offer of employment in place within the UK. Although, you still need to provide viable evidence that you can meet all the necessary criteria in order to qualify for the Visa type you require.

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Tier 1 - Exceptional Talent Visa

Visit the UK as an exceptionally talented individual within your industry

Tier 1 – Entrepreneur

Enter the UK with a view to invest, set up or take over a business

Tier 1 – Investor

Invest £1 million to remain in the UK

Tier 1 – Prospective Entrepreneur

Enter the UK to secure funding to set up or run a business
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